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AERIN | Les Coulisses de Lali


If you could bottle a memory, by combining an array of scents that have the power to take you back in time and place, which one would you choose?

Aerin is the granddaughter of Ester Lauder who launched her own beauty line back in 2012. She later introduced a fragrance line – a collection that now consists of 10 scents, each one capturing a delicate floral tone that uniquely personifies a memory from her past.

Her scents are not something that I would choose to wear on a daily basis, they are a style of perfume carefully composed to offer those that wear them an essence of luxury, elegance….femininity – a modernised version of something you perhaps might have found as a child on your mother’s dressing table. They are instead the kind of scents I take a lot of pleasure in wearing when I’m enjoying some me time or on an occasion when I’m feeling sentimental or even overtly feminine – which happens to us all from time to time.

Gardenia Rattan –  a scent suited to a warm summers evening, perhaps to compliment a silk slip or lace dress. Aerin notes as being akin to summer, to days spent by the seaside and the smell of fresh grass – a reminder of her times spent in her grandmothers house in Cap Ferrat.

Or something more suited to the colder months ahead – Amber Musk. Inspired by the Austrian mountains in winter and her times spent skiing in Kitzbühel, this velvety fragrance blends amber with more sultry tones such as coconut and rose centifolia. The type of perfume that brings to mind evenings wrapped in cashmere in front of the flames of a warm fire.

I like the notion of our perfume telling a story – to be able to transport ourselves to another dimension – to have the ability to create a particular ambience by the scent that we wear. I’ve also always liked to own a perfume that I only wear from time to time, at memorable moments or when I’m home alone – a scent that evolves around the pure pleasure of wearing it and the moments of luxury it offers.

I chose Lilac path, a subtle aroma of lilac blossoms that not only stirs in the senses the adour of romance, but takes me back to my childhood and days spent in summer amongst the many flowers of our garden.

Each bottle is beautifully finished off with a different gem like stone for the lid, a perfect piece of eye candy for the bathroom shelf.

Bottling a memory – delicate scents that entice the mind to dream. Isn’t that a beautiful idea?

Fragrance by Aerin

Lots of love, yours

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