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Wednesday, September 7, 2016
1 year ago by Lali

PERCOSSI PAPI | Les Coulisses de Lali

It’s not often a piece of jewellery is love at first sight for me, but then again few pieces of jewellery speak to me in the way that Percossi Papi’s do.

Aren’t these to die for?

I’ve always been drawn to the celestial, and this moon and sun are what dreams are made of – If dreams were handcrafted earrings that is, set with seed pearls and adorned with amethysts and tourmalines!

Percossi Papi works from his atelier in Rome. The sole e luna, a repetitive theme in his celestial collection speaks to his love of opposites, as well as being the perfect embodiment of the ‘baroque soul’ – freedom, asymmetry, light and shadow, a notion that has inspired Percossi’s work since the very beginning.

To me these transport me back to a bygone era, a reminder that there is great charm in tradition – A tranquil juxtaposition between elegance and power that hails not just to the artists love of the Mediterranean but to Rome itself – ┬áLa dolce vita!

I instantly envisioned these the finishing touch to a white dress, loose flowing waves in my hair, and the soft touch of gold, lilac and dusky pink against sun kissed skin. Now all I need is to be walking the streets of Rome…..Ah to dream….

Earrings, Percossi Papi

Lots of love, yours

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  • NathalieSeptember 16, 2016Reply

    So so beautiful. Love these x

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