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Thursday, October 6, 2016
12 months ago by Lali

POINTED PATENT | Les Coulisses de Lali

So this is how it happened….

The other day I decided that I was finally going to try on a pair of┬áBalenciaga Ceinture boots – I showed them to you here. But seeming as they were sold out from here to Timbuktu in about 6 nano seconds of being uploaded online the only way was going to be to take a trip to the store instead of doing my normal buy/try….undergo some serious thought…try on with whole wardrobe…DO I REALLY NEED THESE!?….that I do when shopping online.

So here’s what happened….

I had just paid for my boots and was waiting for the salesman to wrap them, when all of a sudden, like a shining light out of the corner of my eye, there they were, the most beautiful pair of patent leather pointed toe ankle boots ever to have existed.

Not only had I just found the perfect pair of everyday boots, whose cost I had just justified by promising to wear them everyday, but here, quite possibly, I had now just found the most perfect pair of pointed boots. Amazing! Because I didn’t even know that I wanted a pair of pointed toe patent boots, and actually until about 20 seconds ago I hadn’t even liked patent.

But even so I was already envisioning myself in my new perfect patent boots come fall, fantasising over outfits where they were of course the shining star…..perhaps with my Rick Owens pants and an oversized sweater? Or even track pants and a graphic tee?…WOW that’d look amaaazzing…. and it suddenly seemed that my wardrobe just wouldn’t be complete without them, my winter wouldn’t be complete without them, in fact my life just wouldn’t be complete without them. Of course the fact that the chances of me wearing a pair of stiletto high heeled boots in the middle of winter are slim to none had been completely overtaken by irrational thought…..I could change…..I could hang up my sneakers and brace the rain in a pair of heels. Right!?

Of course at this point the sensible thing to do would be to walk away, but sense was already walking around in his brand new pair of patent leather boots.

Then the salesmen who had just finished wrapping my Ceintures which mind you I had also just come to try URGH!….was like….

“Would you like to try them?”
I said: “errrrrrrrrrr”
He said: “It must be your lucky day. We just got a delivery this morning, if it had been any other day I doubt we’d of had your size”
and I was like: “Shit, its fate…..OK, but just to try”
and then: “Oh God they’re amazing, but I just bought a pair of boots, I really shouldn’t”
and he said: “Of course Madam, I must say they do look amazing on you though”
and I was like: “I’LL TAKE THEM”
and he was like: “Are you sure???”
and I was like: “QUICK, HERES MY CARD”

Damn you willpower, damn you perfect pair of boots

And that’s how it happened, before I knew it and not quite sure how it had happened, I was walking out the store with not one but TWO pairs of boots, and a resolution NEVER to go in store again.

Scarf, Alexander McQueen; Perfect pair of pointed toe patent leather boots, Balenciaga

Lots of love, yours

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