Wednesday, August 17, 2016
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SHAKE ME| Les Coulisses de Lali

There’s nothing quite like a beauty product that comes with a touch of nostalgia attached to it…

Especially when it takes you all the way back to your primary school days. If you’re a 90’s kid like me, then you probably remember flavoured lip balm and how being the proud owner of a rare and exotic flavour meant instant cool kid status. Well, not only are these Lancome glosses beautifully packaged to look like miniature cocktail shakers (a perfect summer companion) but they come in flavours such as ‘Show me the Honey’ and ‘Piece of Cake’ that would of exchanged on the playground like wild fire.

Of course these aren’t exactly like the every flavour lip balm we used to collect as kids, they’re in fact oils infused with pigment – a far more sophisticated version now we’re all grown up ;). A cocktail of 4 essentially nourishing oils; Peach Kernel, Sweet Almond, Cranberry and Muscat rose. Shake together to infuse the pigment and voila! A nourishing gloss that offers just a touch of colour. Ahhhhh nostalgia!

Juicy Shakers in 18 shades; Lancome

Lots of love, yours

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    Great photo! I remember my apple fix lip balm from Superdrug!!

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