Wednesday, October 5, 2016
12 months ago by Lali


So earlier this year I was given the opportunity to shoot some pictures for the Spring/Summer look book of Charo Ruiz. I’ve been meaning to upload these pictures for some time now, so that you could see this beautiful dress before summer was out and we’ve all forgotten what it was like to wear strappy dresses and open toe shoes. But being the awfully unorganised person I am it didn’t quite happen like that, so here were are at the beginning of October and here I am teasing you with summer wear.


I discovered Charo Ruiz several years ago, long before it started appearing on the backs of the A-listers (a fact I’m quite proud of). I’m sure there’s a trend setter joke in there somewhere! It was right about the time I had given up on my search for the perfect lace dress. If you’ve ever searched for not just a lace dress, but the PERFECT lace dress, then you already know that months can quite easily turn into years. So right when I had decided that I had officially given up the hunt and perhaps it was better just to find the ‘not so perfect’ dress….there it was, hanging in a small store hidden away at the back, in Puerto Banús (See the dress here). Floor length delicate lace, a fitted waist and bodice teamed with a flowing skirt, a beautiful low lace up back. It was love at first sight and I’ve had a soft spot for the brand ever since.



So when Charo Ruiz contacted me to ask If I’d be interested in shooting some pictures for their look book, my immediate response was to wonder if I’d get to keep the clothes leap at the opportunity.


So here are the first set of pictures that I created for them. Don’t be fooled by the sunshine! These were actually shot in mid January, so not only was I freeeeezzzing but I definitely caused a stir on the streets of Paris in my floor length gown mid winter.
Dress, Charo Ruiz; Headband, Maison Michel; Bag, Chloe; Shoes, Stuart Weitzman

Lots of love, yours

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