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Friday, August 26, 2016
1 year ago by Lali

THE HEADBAND | Les Coulisses de Lali

I’ve always loved headbands, mainly for their practicality more than anything else, sometimes it just feels so good to have all of your hair swept off your face.  So when they appeared all over the Spring/Summer runways I immediately grabbed my trusted bathroom accessory and started strutting my stuff out of the house with it. If you’re not quite sold yet here are four reasons that headbands are here to stay;
– For starters they go with just about anything. 
– They’re the perfect way to break up the curse of the ‘all black outfit’ – especially in winter when infusing colour into our wardrobe becomes an all star task.
– Brigitte Bardot wore them and we all want to be like Brigitte Bardot.
– And most importantly (to cover those roots) they’re the ideal solution to second day hair, which if you’re anything like me is a life saver and will always and forever be a reason to love headbands!
I’ve been collecting them at an alarming rate these past few months, but this one has to be by far my favourite – not just because it’s vintage Chanel and in my favourite colour of the season ‘burgundy’…..drool. (I found it in a small second hand shop off of Rue Cler in the Paris 7eme. It’s amazing the one off pieces you can find in places such as these if you’re willing to spend a bit of time) but there’s nothing quite like knowing you’re not going to spot it on just about everyone else whose also embracing the headband trend – Cause lets face it….they’re everywhere.

Headband, Vintage Chanel

Lots of love, yours

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