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Monday, August 29, 2016
1 year ago by Lali

Today I’m fantasising about owning a pair of Balenciaga Ceinture boots – something that I secretly fantasise about quite often.

I know that these boots have been around for a few years now – which in fashion terms means forever, but they’ve also been on my ‘maybe someday’ wishlist forever. These are one of those cult shoes that all the IT girls either have or want and the rest us either love or hate. Me… I’ve never been able to make up my mind – perhaps just a little too bulky for my chicken legs? Maybe a little too much of a statement now they’ve reached fashion stardom? Or maybe they’re just one of those shoes that you have to try on your feet to fall in love.

I’m a boots girl though. They’re the perfect every day shoe. I would wear boots to just about every occasion possible if I could. Im 5’10, so heels just aren’t always an option if you’re looking to blend into the crowd, but boots are the solution to everything in life…ever heard the expression ‘put a boot on it?’ Ok, so I might have just made that up – but they do go with just about everything. The problem is that now it’s summer I’m officially sweltering in my biker boots, and I don’t need to tell you what boots + no socks + plus 6,000° equals – FASHION DISASTER. (I’m not sure of the exact temperature in Paris right now, but I would imagine that to be about right 😉 )

I’ve therefore been searching for something that falls a little lower on the leg, and these with their cut out sides do seem like the perfect alternative. Maybe it’s finally time to take the leap along with the rest of the fashion herd and admit defeat. I have to say these do seem to add that something special to even the simplest of looks, which always helps me to justify the price tag when I’m suffering from a touch of buyers guilt.

What do you think?

Are these the perfect boots for all year round? Or are they a little overdone now?

Lots of love, yours

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